Americans rely on local hospitals for their healthcare needs. Unfortunately, almost one-sixth of those hospitals are on shaky financial grounds. It’s a crisis situation as technology developed to assist patients increasingly becomes out of reach for financially strapped institutions. Fortunately, Cardio PACS have stepped up to offer affordable, state-of-the-art solutions.

As healthcare professionals know, the radiology department is a big part of cardiology. The problem is, the data gathered through a radiology scan often doesn’t get to the place it needs to be, or it is funneled somewhere that is not efficiently accessible to those who need it. How is this problem overcome?

Cloud Utilization

By utilizing the cloud environment, healthcare providers can put an end to the barriers that pop up when data is streamed from one department to another. But what about the rural providers who don’t have a robust Internet system to rely upon? What happens when the Internet goes down? Can there be a plausible solution where records are still accessible?

One solution would be to keep all data and infrastructure onsite, but that’s not a reasonable expectation given the infrastructure involved, which takes up real estate, requires a large budget and multiple IT professionals to manage. The answer lies in a deconstructed cloud solution that doesn’t require constant connectivity to the Internet; a workstation or diagnostic reading station that doesn’t depend solely on the cloud environment to operate.

The OffSite Advantage

At OffSite, we have a solution that can provide connectivity through a deconstructed cloud environment where cardiologists don’t have to rely solely on onsite infrastructure or hardware. We offer services to unlimited users, unlimited exams and unlimited readers.

If you use Internet and it crashes outside of the hospital, you can still do your CT exams, and the data still flows to your workstation and to your reading station. Another advantage to using our solution is that your local workstations can store up to 30,000 exams.

Like many healthcare providers, you’ve likely been relying on on-premise PACS for many years for medical imaging needs. OffSite knows that most PACS don’t communicate well with PACS made by disparate vendors, which means when your cardiology department implements a PACS solution from one vendor and your oncology department implements one built by another vendor, there is a strong chance those two won’t communicate with each other. By utilizing OffSite’s Cardio PACS solution, you can sidestep these issues.

At OffSite, we offer services that require zero administration on your part, annual software updates, browser agnostic viewer technology and automation that will help you serve your patients with ease. Find out more about our deconstructed Cardio PACS solutions by contacting us today.