The demand for web-based PACS systems is driven, at least in part, by healthcare reform and the fact that more patients are making radiology services part of their wellness routine. This means those images must, more often than not, be shared. Cardiac PACS are no exception – they too are part of the equation for providing better care and creating more workflow efficiencies.

One of the benefits of a Cardiac PACS system is that you have one system which you can control nearly every aspect of the process with. Rather than relying on disparate systems and spending time and energy bouncing back and forth, everything is supplied “under one roof.”

Consolidating Data

When your data resides in fewer places, the better handle you have on mining your data to gain efficiencies. You get more insights into scheduling, exams per day, history of the patients, where they are in their current workflow and where they need to go next. You also gain insights into how your equipment is being used, which means you can more accurately schedule exams, so you aren’t seeing a bottleneck in the waiting room.


Like with most cloud-based or web-based systems, cardiac PACS delivers on mobility. Not only do radiologists gain mobility in how they access and share data, cardiologists and referring physicians also realize more access without having to rely on dedicated viewing stations. The best vendors of cardiac PACS will include smartphone apps that can be utilized to access data on the go.

Quality Web-Based Solutions

If you’re looking to erase your dependence on CDs to share images, web-based solutions are your key to leaving the CD burning technology behind. Given the size of images being created today, this is critical. Furthermore, when you can access images through a secure URL, you no longer have to worry about a malfunctioning CD burner, damages or lost CDs. And perhaps the greatest advantage is that without physical copies on a disc, the images and other data are immediately available to any authorized user with an Internet connection.

OffSite Advantages

Variedfile types are the norm today, which can be an obstacle to productivity if you’re not invested in applications that give you a workaround. With OffSite Image Management’s Cardiac PACS offering, you can view exams regardless of the modality used to create them. Our background in cloud-based radiology solutions has positioned us as a go-to source for cardiology solutions that assist our clients in gaining the efficiencies they need to provide better care, create workflow efficiencies and save money.

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