From email to disaster recovery services and everything in between, there is a cloud-based solution for it. For healthcare providers that have always been attached to doing things in an on-premise manner, going to a cloud PACS platform might seem like a stretch, but there are many advantages in taking this leap.

Tight Security

“But what about security?” It’s a common question that organizations have as they consider their options with cloud solutions, including cloud PACS. Healthcare providers face large fines when data is compromised, which makes them leery of “giving up control” of their data. Cloud vendors have addressed security concerns head-on. While there needs to be accountability on the healthcare providers’ part, the cloud vendor has many layers of security in place to protect client and patient data.

Less Downtime

Vendors of cloud PACS know they can’t stay in business if they can’t control downtime issues. So, just like their security protocols, they have measures in place to keep systems up and running as much as possible. They are fully staffed with IT personnel that stay ahead of issues that can lead to downtime, and when an issue does pop up, they jump on it quickly and have the problem resolved before the client will experience any significant downtime.

VNA Opportunities

Vendor neutral archiving technology (VNA) is a game-changer that is also offered by the best cloud vendors of PACS solutions. Among the many options offered in a cloud PACS platform, VNA is among the more sought after. It doesn’t matter what your imaging source is, when you have VNA on your side, viewing images becomes easy, regardless of where you are.

Smaller Investment

Capital investments can eat away at a budget, particularly budgets tied to critical access hospitals that regularly struggle with funding. When you take on a cloud PACS solution, you don’t have to invest in new hardware or software, you’re simply signing up for a service where a majority of the infrastructure is handled by the vendor.

No IT Personnel Issues

Rural providers experience a skills gap that urban areas don’t. Rather than have a substantial human resource well from which they can pull highly trained IT personnel to manage their systems, rural providers stick with older technology. When adopting cloud PACS, all the highly-trained personnel work with the vendor, which means your current IT people can focus on existing on-premise technologies.

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