The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually everything in the daily life of radiology professionals, including how they prioritize medical imaging demands to cope with an influx of respiratory illnesses while juggling safety precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. But what about what happens after the pandemic subsides? Are radiology departments looking to the future and how they’ll manage caseloads post-pandemic?

Plenty has been said about how to carry on during a pandemic, and rightly so, but as the spread of the disease slows in many parts of the U.S., addressing post-pandemic workflows is beginning to take shape. Thought leaders in this industry have come up with some medical imaging guidelines to consider as you look ahead:

  • Managing Workloads
    Consider a redistribution of workloads. While some medical imaging types will be in high demand, others will not. Spreading out the tasks can ease the burden on those most taxed.
  • MRI Protocols
    If you look at the sheer volume of medical imaging demands, MRI is ranked among the most in need. MRI imaging is also a time-consuming procedure. When possible, it’s recommended to abbreviate your MRI protocols.
  • Student Assistance
    Not all radiology departments include medical students, but if they are a resource in your facility, it’s recommended that they are utilized in easing the workload on the overall department. This will require them to utilize self-educational material, so practicing radiologists can attend to overburdened caseloads.

Evaluate Your Solutions

Are you limited in your remote viewing abilities? What about teleradiology services? Have you consistently lacked total exam accountability? Now is the time to consider a teleradiology solution that brings more efficiency to the table and takes the mystery out of where your medical imaging tests are and when they will be reported back to you.

At OffSite Image Management, we’re committed to assisting radiology departments with the solutions we’ve developed and assisted our customers with long before the pandemic became a worldwide worry.

Our TeleRAD360 solution lifts our customers out of the slump they’re in with outdated platforms and puts them in control with a comprehensive solution that involves the latest technology for total exam accountability.

Another way to increase efficiencies is to offload your administrative duties to a radiology technology vendor that will manage many aspects of your current daily workload, such as updating software and managing applications. At OffSite, we’re offering zero-footprint browser agnostic viewing technology and administrative support, which can provide relief to radiologists tasked with many other responsibilities.

Contact us and let’s talk about how you plan to resume “life as usual” once the worst of the pandemic has passed. We’ve got solutions that can help you.